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CABB: the finest in fine chemicals

CABB is an internationally oriented fine and specialty chemicals company, with around 1,000 employees and plants in four countries. We manufacture intermediates for global key industries and offer our customers both fine chemicals and intermediates.

The intermediate products are used to manufacture a diverse range of end products: agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, scents and fragrances, vitamins and even cleansers. We manufacture a large number of chemical reagents and intermediates and are the global market leader in the area of monochloroacetic acid. In addition to portfolio products, we develop customised solutions for new products.

CABB’s greatest expertise lies in the manufacture of chemicals. CABB specialises in chlorination, sulphonation and methylation - as well as the manufacture of monochloracetic acid, and possesses exceptional expertise in the area of critical reagents. In this sector, we unite years of experience, extensive know-how and innovative ideas.