Technologies // Continuous processes

Continuous processes

CABB has the expertise and production facilities to convert batch processes into continuous processes if this results in additional economic and/or safety benefits.

Because of CABB's long experience with highly efficient dedicated plants and the constant need for optimisation, CABB operates numerous process steps continuously.

In addition to the actual reaction equipment (stirred reactor cascades and loop reactors), CABB makes use of equipment for continuous extraction (mixer-settlers and columns) and continuous fractional distillation as well as continuous film evaporators.

Stirred reactor cascades

Combining several stirred reactors results in a cascade in which reactions can be carried out continuously. Whenever the efficiency of such a continuous process is better than a batch process, CABB will carry out the necessary development work. Processes can also be scaled up from small to commercial scale in continuous process steps.

Loop reactor

CABB has a number of multipurpose loop reactors which are designed for corrosive media. Using these reactors, products can always be produced economically, safely and sustainably, whether they are custom solutions or standard products.