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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “CABB” stand for?
CABB stands for Chlorine Acetyl Building Blocks.

What does CABB manufacture?
CABB manufactures fine chemicals and customised products based on its chlorination, sulphonation and methylisation technologies that are marketed widely as portfolio products or manufactured exclusively for specific customers. CABB is among the global market leaders in this area. We supply the building blocks for synthesising products that you use every day, even if you don’t see them. The active ingredient in your shower gel, the caffeine in your soft drink, the tyre additive that cuts your fuel consumption or the vitamins in animal feed are produced using our products.

Where does CABB manufacture?
CABB operates production facilities in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, China and India.

Who are CABB’s customers?
In the area of exclusive customised syntheses, CABB works closely with leading agrochemical, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies. The portfolio products are extremely versatile and can often be used in all segments of the chemical industry.

Who owns CABB?
As of 2014, CABB is owned by the British investment firm Permira Fonds.

What is CABB’s growth strategy?
CABB’s goal is to grow consistently in all areas and occupy leading positions in its markets. In the coming years, CABB will concentrate on its core competence and systematically build new business units.