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International sites, global presence

CABB operates five production facilities in Germany, Switzerland, Finland and China. In these plants, we manufacture important base materials and reagents that are used for further processing in the entire chemical industry.

We are serving our customers internationally with sales offices in the UK, Argentina, the USA and, beginning in 2011, a representative in China.  


Sulzbach am Taunus, Germany

CABtl_files/articles/unternehmen/standorte/sulzbach_klein.jpgB’s headquarter is located in Sulzbach am Taunus near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In addition to the executive management, the head of the BU Acetyls as well as finance & controlling and parts of customer services are based in Sulzbach.

Otto-Volger-Straße 3c
65843 Sulzbach am Taunus

Phone: +49 6196 9674 0
Fax: +49 6196 9674 199


Knapsack, Germany

Itl_files/articles/unternehmen/standorte/knapsack_klein.jpgn the Knapsack Chemical Park near Cologne, Germany, CABB operates the world’s largest and most efficient plant for the manufacture of monochloroacetic acid. The highest safety standards coupled with efficient, modern quality management are among the fundamental resources at this site. Moreover, the Chemical Business Park has an excellent infrastructure and very good transportation connections to central Europe and to the most important North Sea ports. This permits safe and prompt delivery to customers all over the world.

Chemiepark Knapsack
Industriestraße 300
50351 Hürth


Gersthofen, Germany

Ttl_files/articles/unternehmen/standorte/gersthofen_klein.jpghe Gersthofen Industrial Park is situated near the city of Augsburg.

The production of chlorine,caustic soda and hydrogen in a modern, energy-efficient plant forms the foundation of CABB's value creation chain at the site. Among the end products are monochloroacetic acid (MCA), dichloroacetic acid and trichloroacetid acid and their respective esters.

Specialities like acetates for the food industry, terpenes and glycolic acid complete the product portfolio.

Ludwig-Hermann-Straße 100
86368 Gersthofen


Pratteln, Switzerland

CABB in Pratteln, SchweizPratteln near Basel (Switzerland), is CABB’s largest production site. Starting with chlorine and sulfur, reagents, intermediates, and further downstream products are manufactured in a highly integrated production system that is unique worldwide. The value creation chain at the site extends all the way to multistage reaction products, most of which are based on chlorination, sulfonation, and methylation reactions. The integrated system also encompasses the recovery of by-products and exhaust waste, so that raw materials and energy are used optimally and burdens due to sewage, waste, and exhaust air are kept to a minimum.

Düngerstraße 81
4133 Pratteln 1

Visitors    47°31'51" N  7°40'24" E
Suppliers 47°31'45" N  7°40'34" E

Phone: +41 61 825 31 11
Fax: +41 61 821 80 27

Kokkola, Finland

Ttl_files/articles/unternehmen/standorte/kokkola_klein.jpghe Kokkola site is located in Finland, ca. 500 km north-west of Helsinki. The site has three different plants with six production trains to manufacture high volume agrochemical active ingredients as well as agrochemical and pharmaceutical intermediates with demanding multistep syntheses. The technology base is wide including e.g. lithiation, bromination, chlorination, Friedel-Crafts acylation, methylation, oxidation. Odorous and hazardous chemicals are disposed safely in an economic and environmentally friendly effluent treatment plant or on-site incinerator.

The high level of automation enables safe and efficient operations. Rigorous SHE and QA/QC programs are in place to provide cost-efficient production with high through-put and uniform quality. Continuous process development and process optimization are essential parts of custom manufacturing service.

Kemirantie 1
FI-67900 Kokkola

Phone: +358 46 7100 600
Fax: +358 46 7100 702

Jining, P.R. China

In the southwestern part of the Shandong province in Eastern China, CABB operates one of the country's most modern assets for monochloroacetic acid (MCA). The new plant, inaugurated in April 2016, has been certified by TÜV Süd according to the latest ISO standards 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

CABB Jinwei Specialty Chemicals (Jining) Co. Ltd.
Luwa Industrial Park, Zhanghuang town,
Yutai county, Shandong Province
Jining City - 272 300
P.R. China


Pratteln, Switzerland

CABB in Pratteln, SchweizOur sourcing is devided into procurment of chemicals / intermediates and technical material / equipment, services and packaging.

You have questions or want to apply as a supplier? Please send us your E-Mail to following address:


For procurment of chemicals / intermediates: 

For technical material / equipment, services and packaging:


Our general conditions of purchase for Germany and Switzerland are available at the following link: 


Düngerstraße 81
4133 Pratteln 1

Phone: +41 61 825 31 11
Fax: +41 61 821 80 27


Charlotte, USA

Mr. John Chapman supports the distribution activities throughout North America.

CABB North America, Inc.
16905 Northcross Drive
Huntersville, NC 28078

Mr. John Chapman
Phone: +1 704 895 2232
Fax: +1 704 895 2275

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mr. Alejandro Staccioli controls the sales activities in Central and South America from his office in Buenos Aires.

Adyal S.R.L.
San Mateo 3758 2° "B"
1425 Buenos Aires

Mr. Alejandro Staccioli
Phone: +54 11 5237 0120
Fax: +54 11 5237 0122


Shanghai, China

In 2011 CABB has opened a representative office in Shanghai, whose main responsibility will be to build a network of business contacts. It will also serve to improve technical assistance for local customers and support CABB’s strategic initiatives in China.

CABB Holding GmbH Shanghai Representative Office
Suite 3-38, Building 6
No. 2601 Xietu Road
Xuhui District
200030 Shanghai

Mr. Henry Ye
Phone: +86 21 2419 3173