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Chemistry in daily life

Did you ever wonder how automobile tyres can save fuel? Why toothpaste doesn’t simply run off the toothbrush? Where the caffeine in your soft drink comes from? Or why your computer display lights up? Why your laundry gets clean at just 30 °C? Why your household cleanser smells of lemons and how your house is insulated so that you consume less energy? The answer to all these questions is: chemistry.

Many subjects of daily life are made up of chemicals – though usually we are unaware of this. These chemicals are complex compounds built up from individual molecular components.

CABB manufactures neither automobile tyres nor toothpaste. But it manufactures important components for transforming the individual building blocks into the final product. We are an important partner for the entire chemical industry with our technologies and solutions. Wherever we look, each of us encounters CABB products many times a day - even if it doesn't say so on the label.

Major global trends

CABB is also working on tomorrow’s major trends. Electrolytes for batteries, membranes for water purification, monomers for new materials. With our specific technologies, such as chlorination, sulphonation and methylation, we offer our customers the basis for the efficient and sustainable production of intermediate and end products - off the shelf or customised.