Technologies // Production

CABB possesses extensive production know-how: our plants can produce and cover all quantities from special pharmaceutical precursor projects in runs of just a few hundred kilograms a hundred thousands of tons of monochloroacetic acid. Regardless of whether a job demands specific single-product plants or highly versatile multi-project plants, CABB has the knowledge and infrastructure to successfully realise even the most challenging projects.

Multi step synthesis

CABB is perfectly equipped for demanding, high quality multistep synthesis for the manufacture of Intermediates and AI's from small to large volumes. CABB has the infrastructure, equipment and well trained staff for satisfy customer requirements.


CABB has available a large range of production equipment for the manufacture of standard products and customised intermediates and actives. In addition to dedicated plants a variety of multi purpose plants is corrosion resistant as well.

Scale up

CABB can rely on a complete set of multi-purpose production facilities, ranging from laboratory quantities up to full commercial scale. Highly trained and motivated production staff ensure the implementation and optimization of the appropriate reaction parameters. Our experienced process and analytical development groups perform rigorous safety and quality risk analyses. All these are key factors in providing successful scale-up of processes and seamless technology transfers.


CABB's plants are certified according to ISO14001 and CABB is member of "Responsible Care" program. CABB operates a Verbund system in which reagents are transported in closed pipelines, for environemntally production and where off gases are recovered, purified and fed back into the system. CABB has installed a distillation unit for the recovery of solvents and operates an incineration plant for the direct disposal of waste streams.