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Top quality research and development

CABB develops processes and scales them up to the appropriate level in close cooperation with customers. We utilise our many years of experience with a variety of technologies in order to develop and implement the most efficient process. The efficiency of the product is monitored after the product rollout and over its entire lifecycle: this enables us to continually optimise the process.

Equipment and activities of our R&D laboratories:

Process development
  • Broad technological spectrum
  • Rapid implementation on production scale
  • Reliable scale-up
  • Development of analysis method with QA
Process optimisation
  • Improving yield
  • Reduction of raw materials used
  • Recycling of solutions and raw materials
  • Preventing waste
  • Improving throughout
  • Statistical process control
Safety data
  • Safety screening
  • Analysis and documentation
  • Automation of processes in which hazardous substances are used
  • Assessment of hazardous substances
Computational modelling
  • Experimental data
  • Data acquisition
  • Modelling and simulation
Laboratory equipment
  • Automated reaction execution with data logging
  • Glass reactors from 0.5 to 4 l; temperature range from -60 to 200 ℃.
  • Autoclaves 1 and 3 l, 50 bar, temperature range up to 250℃
  • Low-temperature range to 2 l, temperature range down to -90℃
  • Hereaus 300 laboratory centrifuge
  • KDL5 short path evaporator, temperature range up to 250℃, vacuum to 0.001 mbar; flow rate 0.3 to 1.5 kg/h