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Verbund system

CABB operates at the Pratteln site a Verbund system, which starts at the production of chlorine and sulphur trioxide and goes further downstream. Based on these primary raw materials a large number of chlorination, sulphonation and methylation reagents are produced.

CABB is a leading producer of reagents such as chlorine, thionyl chloride, sulphuryl chloride, chlorosulphonic acid, oleum and dimethyl sulphate which are partly sold to merchant markets and mainly used at CABB for downstream products. The Verbund system links dedicated with multi product and multi purpose plants and creates a highly efficient, safe and environmentally friendly production system. The gaseous by-products (HCl and SO2) which are formed in some of the downstream chemical reactions are collected, separated, purified and fed back into the production system for a sustainable production.

CABBs Verbundsystem