CABB has developed 5 Core Values which define our dedication to fine chemistry services and devotion to customer success.

Today’s CABB Group is the result of a successful integration of 5 legacy organizations, each with its own culture, language and best practices.

A daunting task for some came easy to us, because a common set of values emerged, aligning every employee toward the singular goal of helping customers succeed with fine chemistry services.

We are well-aware of the choices customers have when seeking fine chemical and custom manufacturing sourcing solutions.

As “Your Partner in Fine Chemistry,” CABB has developed these Core Values to help customers make that choice.

While familiar words known to industry, we embrace them as genuine. They serve as proof of the benefits we deliver, at each of our sites, for all of our customers.

Safety, Quality, Sustainability, Innovation and Partnership represent our commitment to your success.

If you seek a seamless purchasing experience, a long-term partnership and alignment with your business requirements, then CABB’s team stands ready to serve you. Bring us your challenges and allow us to earn your business.