Why choose CABB for your next fine chemical custom manufacturing project?

CABB specializes in complex, multi-step chemical synthesis.

Our track record of service is built upon a foundation of core competencies in fine chemistry and unit operations, joined by an experienced leadership team dedicated to achieving customer success.

Clients have multiple choices for outsourcing and competitors appear to offer similar services. Partnering with CABB creates an extension of your operations, instantly expanding manufacturing capability and technical expertise.

While traditionally partnering with clients in the agrochemicals, electronics and healthcare sectors, we also welcome customers from any industry requiring high-value starting materials, advanced intermediates and active ingredients.

Our strengths as a fine chemical custom manufacturer are embodied in these competitive advantages, valued by customers that honor us with repeat business and access to new pipeline opportunities:

Service Offering The CABB Advantage Customer Benefit
Exclusivity One-on-one approach to manufacturing exclusive molecules Sensible agreements, IP security, long-term partnerships
Timely project assessments Early evaluation of site-specific fit; alternative recommendations whenever possible Saves time; moves the project forward and ensures sound proposals
Full launch capability Multi-disciplinary start-up teams to support all aspects of new product/project launches Eliminates costly embedment of customer staff or consultants for start-ups
On-site lab and analytical teams Process research/development and scale-up services with comprehensive analytical instrumentation and methodology support Provides immediate feedback for swift decision-making and early operator orientation
Sustainability Optimized production campaigns to leverage safety, waste stream value and environmental stewardship Ensures that projects are sustainable and UN SDG compliant
Supply chain security Extensive sourcing networks for conventional and unusual raw materials; flexible, multi-site production options address business contingency planning Avoids shortages, bottlenecks, costly idle time
Campaign management On-site process analytics tools and ERP links including SAP Enables real-time analysis to derive further process improvements
Experienced audit teams Regular hosting of clients, downstream customers and regulatory agencies Saves time; ensures compliance and transparency
Finance options Creative and flexible options to meet customer needs Sizes the investment accordingly and provides support for future expansion
Cost-sharing & improvement programs On-site reconciliation meetings with full transparency Ensures continuous improvements, better long-term results and shared savings
Clean room facilities PPT impurity requirements Meets the increasing demands of the electronics industry
Regional production Sites in Finland, Switzerland and USA Shorter and more easily managed supply lines for just in time deliveries

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CABB offers fine chemical custom manufacturing services with a focus on complex, multi-step chemical synthesis.

We welcome customers from any industry requiring high-value starting materials, advanced intermediates and active ingredients.

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Products A-Z

CABB offers a select portfolio of fine chemical starting materials and intermediates for a variety of complex synthesis and formulation projects.

Customers rely upon our quality and exacting specifications for multiple downstream applications.

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CABB offers numerous opportunities for realizing your true potential as a fine chemicals professional.

As a multinational employer, we promote a workforce with diverse talents and qualifications.

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