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Specializing in non-cGMP starting materials and intermediates

Healthcare is a ubiquitous industry, with the primary manufacturing focus on active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to support the launch, growth and sustainability of drugs and medicines. The value chain is extensive and the contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) that support it are plentiful.

Away from these activities, non-cGMP starting materials and intermediates have become the domain of fine chemical custom manufacturers. CABB’s competence in high-purity manufacturing standards and the ability to scale from lab to pilot to semiworks to commercial production supports both current and future needs of sourcing teams.

Bromination, chlorination, lithiation, sulfonation, and thin film distillation are but a few of the key technologies that CABB offers to manufacture non-cGMPs.

In addition, CABB’s portfolio of premium fine chemicals serves as starting materials and formulation ingredients for pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and food additives. Examples include

  • Ethyl chloroacetate for Piracetam, Trichloroacetic acid for Carbamazepine
  • Acid chlorides, including n-Valeroyl chloride and Chloracetyl chloride
  • GLYCOS Clear and GLYTECH alpha-Hydroxyacetic acids for skin care
  • Sodium acetate for E262 in ready-made salads, spice mixes, marinades

These products provide a broad capability for formulators and ensure supply chain security for sourcing professionals.

ISO 9001/14001 and RC 14001 certifications; electronic document control systems; and experience with FDA audits are further evidence of our commitment to this industry.

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CABB offers fine chemical custom manufacturing services with a focus on complex, multi-step chemical synthesis.

We welcome customers from any industry requiring high-value starting materials, advanced intermediates and active ingredients.

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CABB offers a select portfolio of fine chemical starting materials and intermediates for a variety of complex synthesis and formulation projects.

Customers rely upon our quality and exacting specifications for multiple downstream applications.

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CABB offers numerous opportunities for realizing your true potential as a fine chemicals professional.

As a multi-national employer, we promote a workforce with diverse talents and qualifications.

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