CABB offers dianhydrides from its Jayhawk site in Galena, Kansas, where manufacturing of BTDA began in the 1970s. Its newest product, JAYHAWK 6FDA, delivers an innovative alternative for the aerospace and electronics industries.

2021 has been marred by pandemic-induced delays, container shortages, and skyrocketing pricing. These issues have led to material shortages up and down the supply chain in almost every industry. While current sourcing of 6FDA has been limited to traditional and emerging Asian producers, JAYHAWK 6FDA made in the U.S.A offers a more secure and sustainable purchasing option to support your strategic manufacturing operations.

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    About CABB

    CABB is a leading custom manufacturer of starting materials, active ingredients and advanced intermediates. a major manufacturer of high purity monochloroacetic acid; and a supplier of premium fine chemicals. We’re small enough to focus on attentive customer partnerships, yet large enough to master complex chemical synthesis.