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Introducing Electronics Grade JAYHAWK Dianhydrides

JAYHAWK dianhydrides offer the ultimate in polyimide performance for cutting edge technology in flexible printed circuity for smart devices, varnishes for 5G antennae and base stations, coatings for semiconductors, and colorless films for photovoltaic arrays and foldable displays. Low-metals grades offer practical solutions for polyimides requiring Tg over 200° C, an ultra-low dielectric constant, and high chemical resistance. Built on CABB’s leadership in dianhydride chemistry, JAYHAWK dianhydrides are made in the U.S.A and offer a more secure and sustainable purchasing option to support your strategic manufacturing operations.

Grade Assay Metals Application Dielectric properties Color
JAYHAWK BTDA UP 99.8% min < 10 ppm Polyimide films for copper clad laminates in smart devices Good Good
JAYHAWK BTDA LM 99.8% min < 1 ppm Polyimide varnishes and coatings for semiconductors & photovoltaics Good Better
JAYHAWK 6FDA UP 99.8% min < 1 ppm Fluorinated polyimide resins for electronic devices, colorless films for flexible display Best Best

Learn more about dianhydride co-monomers for polyimides in demanding electronics and microelectronics applications.

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