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Base Chemicals

Acetic acid is a simple carboxylic acid but an important C2 building block and important product in the chemical industry. It is the basic product for CABB’s Acetyl derivative business and used in many other applications, from fibre and film production to food and medical applications and as process aid in a variety of chemical processes.

As part of our acetyl building blocks and reagents value chain, acetic acid is formed in minor quantities in a side stream. CABB offers various concentrations of acetic acid.

There’s more than ‘almost’

Hydrochloric Acid is a colourless to slightly yellowish liquid that fumes in air and has a pungent odour. It is a strong inorganic acid and miscible with water. Also known as Muriatic Acid it is another co-product CABB is offering from both manufacturing sites in Gersthofen (Germany) and Pratteln (Switzerland).

Hydrochloric Acid is produced by burning Chlorine or chlorinated gases in the presence of Hydrogene, followed by an absorption in water. A continuous production process, taking place under high temperatures, leads to a technical grade of Hydrochloric Acid we call ‘almost chemically pure’. This HCl of 30-33% is shipped in road tankers and railcars and mostly used in the areas of metal pickling, neutralization processes, soap and detergents manufacturing, and the production of various inorganic and organic chemicals.

Certain applications may require more than ‘almost’. When efficiency and purity profile become the guiding elements in choosing the right quality, purified Hydrochloric Acid comes into play. Our ‘chemically pure’ HCl starts from a 37% solution and can be customized down to a 17% solution. In-between, there’s a lot you can ask us for.

This grade finds its customers in the food (manufacture of bone glue and gelatine, dissociation of proteins, processing of corn syrup) and pharmaceutical industry as well as in the field of drinking water purification and analytical purposes.

The Pyridine Sulfur Trioxide Complex is an important reagent for mild sulfonations and sulfations and as a reagent for the Parikh-Doering oxidation of alcohols into aldehydes.

As a sulfonation and sulfation reagent PSS is mainly used in the synthesis of complex and sensitive molecules in pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications.

CABB is the leading manufacturer of Pyridine Sulfur Trioxide Complex of high purity. Further sulfur trioxide amine complexes (like Trimethylamine SO3 or N,N-Dimethylformamide SO3) are available on request.

A good base to start from

CABB is operating two electrolysis plants to produce chlorine for captive use. Rock salt, water and electricity is all it needs. Our units in Gersthofen (Germany) and Pratteln (Switzerland) are state-of-the-art membrane-technology based plants.

Sodium Hydroxide, more properly known as Caustic Soda, is a co-product from the Chlorine production process and it is one of the world’s most widely used industrial chemicals. It is mercury-free and emerges as a 33% solution which can either be diluted to 25% and 30%, or concentrated to 45% and 50%.

Caustic Soda solution is a clear, colourless, odourless, slightly viscous liquid which is miscible with water in all proportions. Addressed to customers in many different markets, it is shipped in road tankers or railcars.

Continuity, flexibility and responsiveness is what we offer to our partners along the Chlorine-Alkali value chain.

We want to be recognized as the reliable and accessible partner to our customers that may use Caustic Soda to neutralize acidic waste water, regenerate ion exchangers, prepare sodium compounds, produce industrial cleaners and soaps, increase the basicity of chrome liquors or regulate the pH level for water softening, mining flotation or exploratory drilling. Just to name a few…

“Hypo” – a simple chemical with multiple uses

Sodium Hypochlorite is a yellowish liquid with a characteristic odour. It is miscible with water in all proportions.

Also known as Soda bleaching lye or Javel Water it is produced on purpose at our manufacturing sites in Gersthofen (Germany) and Pratteln (Switzerland) and shipped in road tankers and rail cars.

Sodium Hypochlorite 13% in water is considered a widely used inorganic chemical.

Its scope of application covers, among others, the pulp, paper and fiber industry as well as the production of cleaners and disinfectants (e.g. process water and swimming pool disinfection).

Sulfuric acid is an important product in the chemical industry. It is mainly used in the fertiliser industry for the production of phosphate fertilisers, but it is also used as a reagent to produce sulfonated and sulfated compounds in chemical synthesis and as process aid in many chemical processes.

Sulfuric acid is formed in CABB’s Verbund and Recycling system as a side product in the Sulfur trioxide formation. CABB offers various concentrations of sulfuric acid.


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