Meeting the ultra-high-purity requirements of the electronics value chain

Electronics is a broad market, with applications in photovoltaics, semiconductors, flexible circuitry, vehicle telematics and propulsion, etc. Any competitive edge is vital to improving speed-to-market efficiency. For those companies that seek to launch new products or keep up with their growth, external manufacturers serve as ready resources to offer support with starting materials and advanced intermediates.

Key technologies include:

  • Aklylation
  • Amine reactions
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Chlorination
  • Clean room facilities
  • Grignard chemistry
  • Phosphate ester formation
  • Sulfonation
  • Amine reactions
  • Handling of liquid, high-purity SO2

Ultra-high-purity capabilities and clean room facilities are available from CABB to supply fine chemicals in the part-per-trillion level, meeting the increasing demands of the electronics industry.

For downstream processing, CABB offers a portfolio of premium fine chemicals including high-purity Glycolic acid as an ingredient in etching solutions.

How can we help you?


CABB offers fine chemical custom manufacturing services with a focus on complex, multi-step chemical synthesis.

We welcome customers from any industry requiring high-value starting materials, advanced intermediates and active ingredients.

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Products A-Z

CABB offers a select portfolio of fine chemical starting materials and intermediates for a variety of complex synthesis and formulation projects.

Customers rely upon our quality and exacting specifications for multiple downstream applications.

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CABB offers numerous opportunities for realizing your true potential as a fine chemicals professional.

As a multi-national employer, we promote a workforce with diverse talents and qualifications.

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