I am proud to introduce the CABB Sustainability Report 2021 in a new look and with an extended coverage of key performance indicators, now including all CABB sites of the CABB Group. The new report transparently documents the
achievements of our goals across the board and therefore highlights our progressive sustainability strategy as a core value of our business.

Our world is facing fundamental challenges. Climate change, scarcity of resources, and the need to feed a growing population from shrinking arable land are just a few of them. At the CABB Group, we are convinced that a sustainable world is only attainable if everyone combines efforts. We consider it our duty to constantly improve ourselves in the most responsible way possible. Our continuous efforts in the fields of resource and energy efficiency, workplace safety, as well as efforts to actively nurture a non-discriminatory and inclusive work culture are documented in this report.

Besides working to reduce our own carbon footprint, we also work to help our customers implement essential innovations in the areas of Crop Sciences, Life Sciences, and Performance Materials. Thus, we directly and indirectly contribute to establishing more sustainable processes and products in a variety of businesses and industries around the world. In October 2020, CABB has proudly signed the UN Global Compact and continues to commit to its principles in all
business areas.

We know that fostering and developing an even more sustainable business is a journey all of us undertake together. We actively invite our customers to join the dialogue with us, so we can learn and improve. Thorough feedback – be it through assessments, audits, but also complaints – is an effective mechanism that we are pleased to use in order to grow as sustainably as possible.

To achieve even more transparency for all stakeholders, we report on all our sites and locations in Switzerland, Germany, Finland, the United States and China. We also established a global scorecard, which we utilize to track progress and quickly identify potential areas for further improvement. Sustainability is a standing agenda item at our Executive Committee meetings as well as in the discussions with our Advisory Board. We set ourselves strategic targets in areas such as health, safety, and emissions; and added sustainability-related KPIs to our management bonus schemes.

«In a world that is increasingly dominated by climate change and dwindling resources, the only way for us to enjoy a successful future is to think and act sustainably.»

Clearly, no 2021 report can be written without mentioning the Covid-19 pandemic. It is one of the key concerns affecting many businesses, as it has highlighted the fragility of our economic system, strongly jeopardizing the capabilities of global supply chains. Thanks to great teamwork – within the CABB Group, but also with our partners – we were able to fully support our customers in a very challenging market environment. As a premier contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), customers rely on the CABB Group to ensure that their production runs smoothly. We met these expectations during the pandemic and will continue to do so in the future. The CABB Group has dedicated great efforts to protect the health of its employees as well as ensuring a consistent high level of supply capabilities in all markets fully.

In 2022, we are committed to continue to pursue our objectives of greatly reducing our carbon footprint, improving the use and reuse of resources in our production units, and maintaining a safe and future-proof workplace environment.
I am glad to say that we can leverage a robust foundation that we built over the years. In a world that is increasingly dominated by climate change and dwindling resources, the only way for us to enjoy a successful future is to think and act sustainably. On behalf of the entire CABB Group, I cordially invite you to join us on this journey.

Sincerely yours,
Valerie Diele-Braun