Equipment and unit operations for complex chemical synthesis

CABB is fully equipped to carry out demanding chemical synthesis in our multipurpose plants. Designing and implementing safe and reliable production processes for customers is our top priority, and a dedication to circular economy ensures sustainable operations at all three of our custom manufacturing locations.

Assets at-a-glance:

  • Total batch reactor capacity: approx. 1,320 m3
  • Reactor sizes: 0.3 to 19 m3
  • Standard operating temperatures: -25 to 160°C
  • Special temperatures: -40 to 250°C
  • Pressure: -1 to 40 bar

What kinds of assets distinguish CABB from other fine chemical custom manufacturers?

  • Glass-lined loop reactors & CSTR cascades – This tandem is ideal for continuous process operation and higher throughput campaigns.
  • Buss Loop® reactor – Highly exothermic reactions can be run continuously, reliably and safely. A preferred asset for high-pressure hydrogenations.
  • Short path/thin film distillation – The best choice for processing thermally unstable materials.
  • Pilot plant capability – Ideal for qualification materials. CABB can scale client projects from the laboratory to the pilot plant to full commercial production, optimizing processes across the entire product lifecycle.
  • On-site waste disposal/handling – Waste streams are typically converted to salable products with shared cost savings for our customers. When waste treatment is necessary, local assets and contractual services with collaborative partners ensure that waste is managed responsibly.