Thermoset additives to meet your performance and sourcing needs

CABB’s start in thermoset additives dates to the early 1970s, with legacy company Gulf Chemicals’ commissioning of the first world-class manufacturing unit for Benzophenone tetracarboxylic dianhydride (BTDA) at our Jayhawk site. BTDA was introduced to meet the growing demands of epoxy polymers in the emerging electronics industry.

Today, dianhydrides are essential thermal curatives for epoxy resins and co-monomers for the preparation of polyimides. Produced via complex chemical synthesis, dianhydrides require manufacturing expertise for safe, reliable supply. CABB is a market leader of this technology.

JAYHAWK dianhydrides from CABB are critical ingredients for a variety of applications and technologies, enabling components to function reliably in high-temperature service.

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Aerospace Grade JAYHAWK 6FDA
Electronics Grade JAYHAWK Dianhydrides

When epoxy formulations are optimally cured with dianhydrides, they can deliver glass transition temperatures in excess of 200°C; improved dielectric behavior, mechanical properties and chemical resistance.  Both new and established customers continue to rediscover the benefits of JAYHAWK dianhydrides in applications including:

  • Fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings for pipeline protection
  • Wire varnishes and enamels for electrical components
  • High-temperature industrial adhesives
  • Coating powders for electrical insulation (e.g., wiring, busbars, switches)
  • Mass-cast insulators for high-voltage electricity
  • High strength-to-weight composite materials to replace metals

As building blocks for polyimide resins, JAYHAWK dianhydrides support innovation in some of the most advanced technologies for consumer, commercial and defense industry applications.

  • Flexible printed circuitry and foldable displays for smart devices
  • Composite components for the automotive and aviation industries
  • Thermal & acoustic insulation for aircraft and marine vessels
  • Bushings and bearings for industrial equipment
  • Filters and membranes for separation technology
  • Coatings and tubing for medical devices
  • Radiation shielding for spacecraft

Polyimide matrix resins made with JAYHAWK dianhydrides are stable enough for continuous service in high-temperature environments above 350°C. In thin films, they offer sustained dielectric performance, allowing for densely packed electrical circuitry to function reliably in smartphones, tablets and wearables. The latest generations are transparent and colorless, enabling the newest foldable display technology.

When resin chemistries need to be combined to create hybrid polymers, call on CABB for our portfolio of JAYHAWK crosslinkers, including JAYHAWK 301 (2-Allylphenol) and JAYHAWK 302 (2,2-Diallylbisphenol A).

Our expertise in synthesizing molecules with unique reactive groups empowers you to reimagine traditional polymers with new performance properties—from increased rigidity to improved thermal resistance.

Need to source another dianhydride or crosslinker? Have an idea for a new molecule? Reach out to the CABB team and explore our custom manufacturing services. You’re also welcome to visit, a new community devoted to dianhydride chemistry.