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Custom Manufacturing and Fine Chemicals for Performance Materials

The electronics industry is a versatile growth market with great potential. Whether photovoltaics, semiconductors or drive technology, the materials in the various electrotechnical applications all have one thing in common: They must be able to function reliably under extreme conditions and deliver top performance at all times.

CABB is a respected partner in the high-performance materials industry because our fine chemical products help make exactly that a reality. Our source materials and intermediate products are used in coatings, colorants and plastics. Our production involves the highest purity, so we fully meet the increasingly stringent requirements of this industry.

In addition to our custom manufacturing services, we offer the following fine chemicals for the Performance Materials market:

  • Acid chlorides, acid anhydrides and chlorinated intermediates: OCC, PIC, CHDCC, 3-CPA
  • Mono-, di- and trichloroacetic acids
  • Terpene derivatives: Depanol, camphene, IBA
  • Glycolic acid (GLYTECH and GLYCOS brands)
  • Dianhydrides (link to dianhydrides.com): 6FDA, BTDA, PMDA
  • Reagents: CHS, TC, SC
  • Base chemicals: Caustic soda, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sulfuric acid

Please see our complete product list for more information about our products.


Safeguarding catalyst IP though secure partnerships

External sourcing of starting materials and intermediates for chemical catalysis has become a cost-effective option for customers active in catalyst manufacturing. Expertise in catalysis is on the cutting edge of chemistry, and with it, high-purity fine chemicals with defined profiles.

Key technologies for catalysis manufacturing include:

  • Friedel-Craft alkylation
  • Oxidative coupl;ing
  • Phosphite ester chemistry
  • Wolff Kishner reduction
  • Short path distillation

Risk management of intellectual property is high for catalyst manufacturers, so choosing a reliable partner to serve as an extension of your own operations is critical. CABB has an impeccable history of IP security and dedication to long-term partnerships in this area.