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Custom Manufacturing and Fine Chemicals for Life Sciences

The healthcare sector, the food industry and the cosmetics industry are all major customers for CABB’s fine chemical products. We produce intermediate products and building blocks for active medical compounds in drugs on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. We also manufacture fillers and carrier products for many other pharmaceutical applications.

At CABB, we specialize in the manufacturing of high-purity source materials and products for pharmaceuticals that do not require CGMP certification. Our portfolio also includes other high-quality fine chemicals that are formulation components for food supplements and food additives. These are used in vitamins, flavorings and fragrances. As a custom

manufacturer, CABB can specifically address the different needs of all customers and develop individual solutions.

In addition to our custom manufacturing services, we offer the following fine chemicals for the Life Sciences market:

  • Acid chlorides, acid anhydrides and chlorinated intermediates: CAC, NVAC, NBUC, PIC, CAN, CAE, IBUC, IBUSAN
  • Mono-, di- and trichloroacetic acids
  • Terpene derivatives: Depanol, camphene, IBA
  • Food additives: Sodium acetate
  • Glycolic acid (GLYTECH and GLYCOS brands)
  • Reagents: CHS, TC, SC, PSS
  • Base chemicals: Caustic soda, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sulfuric acid

Please see our complete product list for more information about our products.

Delivering bio-based, naturally-derived, Kosher-certified solutions

Naturally-derived products are favored by consumers, prioritizing the sourcing of more essential starting materials and intermediates. CABB’s expertise in Terpene chemistry provides multiple solutions. Starting with α-pinene – a renewable, essential oil sourced from pine trees – isobornyl acetate, camphene and its derivatives are produced for downstream applications including formulation agents, perfumes, food flavors and homeopathic remedies.

Key technologies for F & F are:

  • Acid=catalyzed rearrangements
  • Chlorination
  • Elimination
  • Grignard chemistry

Our Pratteln site manufactures under Kosher certifications, obtained prior to each client’s campaign.

CABB has extensive expertise in modifying natural products. Have an F&F sourcing or manufacturing challenge? Call on CABB for solutions.