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Procurement in the CABB Group

Welcome to the CABB Group procurement page.

We in the CABB Group purchasing team are proud of being the driving force behind partnerships, innovative solutions and growth. Our focus is on creating sustainable supplier relationships. Via careful selection, transparent negotiations and continual quality control, we ensure that each purchase not only covers current requirements but also anticipates future challenges. We understand that purchasing is more than just a transaction – it is a strategic decision.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword at the CABB Group; it is an undertaking and part of our company values that we as a responsible company take seriously and incorporate into every aspect of our business. Introducing sustainable procurement practices is an important step in our ongoing efforts to trade responsibly and exercising a positive influence on the world around us. These basic principles for suppliers are defined in the CABB Code of Conduct, which sets out the fundamental basis for working with our suppliers.

Code of Conduct

Coupa supplier portal

The CABB Group has now switched to the Coupa platform so as to be able to communicate more efficiently with you as a supplier at every step in the procurement process. This means we are not only simplifying and improving the entire procurement process, but also increasing transparency both for us and for you as a supplier, and are facilitating secure document processing. Implementing this new way of working will confer mutual benefits.

Click here to view our general terms and conditions of business, code of conduct and regulations.