Environmental Protection as Part of the CABB Group’s Strategic Approach

At the CABB Group, environmental protection is considered to be an integral part of operational excellence. As a socially responsible company, the CABB Group uses resources conscientiously, at the same time, this also positively impacts economic considerations. Sustainable production methods are the only way to ensure that the CABB Group can continue to offer competitive products and services in the long term and maintain and intensify strategic partnerships with its customers.

Operational Efficiency a Key Driver for Environmental Protection
Increasing operational efficiency is a top priority for the CABB Group as it provides clear benefits. When these benefits are combined, they create a virtuous cycle for the CABB Group by

  • minimizing negative environmental impacts,
  • creating cost advantages in production,
  • driving innovation and the CABB Group’s long-term competitiveness.

This chapter focuses on the environmental impacts of internal production and operating processes, as well as on measures that can be taken to reduce these impacts. Particular attention is paid to the CABB Group’s energy consumption, emissions and use of resources. The latter encompasses the procurement of raw materials along with the recycling of solvents and waste disposal. In addition, the conscientious use of water and the safe handling of environmentally critical materials and wastewater are always monitored carefully.

CABB Group Sets Clear Targets
The CABB Group sets itself ambitious targets. Among others, the CABB Group aims to lower its CO2e emissions by 30,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents (CO2e) per year by 2025 compared to 2019. Moreover, the sustainability report is planned to be fully compliant with the “Global Reporting Initiative” (GRI) by 2023, meaning that all relevant parameters will be communicated comprehensively, thus increasing transparency for all stakeholders.

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