Assuming Social Responsibility

The CABB Group strives to offer employees an attractive and inspiring work environment that provides opportunities for individual development and growth. By fostering an active feedback culture and a strong focus on learning, CABB aims to build a culture of continuous improvement and thus high performance. The company focuses on promoting diversity as an essential component for operational excellence. Thus, as one of the main pillars of its diversity strategy, the CABB Group has set itself the goal to increase the proportion of women in management positions from 16.5% in 2019 to 25% by 2025.

The physical integrity and protection of employees is a top priority for the CABB Group throughout all of its operations. Clear guidelines, rules and safety regulations are the central prerequisites for preventing occupational accidents. Several of our sites have ISO 45001:2018 or a comparable certification. This helps the CABB Group not only to achieve its defined, Groupwide goals in the area of occupational safety and health management but to continuously improve them as well.

Using a wide array of training programs, the CABB Group raises employee awareness of safety and health issues and communicates the basics of sound business practices. In 2022 a particular focus has been set on behavioral safety. Beyond this, trainings are also held about respecting human rights as well as the ethical and morally correct treatment of all stakeholders.

The CABB Group always treats all its stakeholders as partners, which means that the company aims in all interactions for longterm, mutually beneficial solutions.

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