Acid Chlorides

Acid chlorides, acid anhydrides and chlorinated intermediates are important building blocks for the synthesis of innovative products for crop sciences, life sciences and performance materials. The integrated production allows CABB to produce these high purity fine chemicals in a sustainable and efficient manner.

CABB offers the following acid chlorides, acid anhydrides and chlorinated intermediates:

  • Chloroacetyl Chloride (CAC)
  • N-Valeroyl Chloride (NVAC)
  • n-Butyryl Chloride (NBUC)
  • Pivaloyl Chloride (PIC)
  • Chloroacetic Anhydride (CAN)
  • Ethyl-2-Chloroacetoacetate (CAE)
  • Isobutyryl Chloride (IBUC)
  • Isobutyric Anhydride (IBUSAN)
  • Heptanoyl Chloride (HEPC)
  • Octanoyl Chloride (OCC)
  • 1,4-Cyclohexanedicarbonyl-Chloride (CHDCC)

For specific questions or requirements, our experienced team will be happy to advise you.