Corporate Governance Enables a Sustainable Business

As a globally active company, the CABB Group bears responsibility towards stakeholders. The CABB Group is committed to the strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Corporate governance sets guidelines, rules, and incentives for employees to act with integrity within the company and externally with third parties.

Due to ever increasing risks in technology and cybercrime, the general security concerning data and IT infrastructure has been given a high priority during 2022. A variety of concise technical measures have been implemented globally and all employees undergo specific training (see chapter 4.4, Data Security and Cybersecurity). The CABB Group’s IT department further improved the stability of all systems and implemented a green-energy schedule to reduce energy consumption within its infrastructure. To streamline its global operations planning procedures, the CABB Group is evaluating a new global enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

In the face of geopolitical conflicts driven by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the energy crisis in Europe and the soaring inflation around the globe, the CABB Group launched specific risk analyses and monitors the global situation. Regular updates on potential business impacts and mitigation actions are given to the Executive Committee and to the Board.

The CABB Group’s drive to continuously improve and strive for excellence is a vital part of the CABB DNA. For this reason, the CABB Group encourages employees to actively engage in enhancing and developing the business by facilitating employee involvement. Customers and stakeholders play an important role, giving input for improvement by a variety of different channels, opportunities and by means of a proactive communication.

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