CABB has developed 5 Core Values which define our dedication to fine chemistry services and devotion to customer success.

As “Your Partner in Fine Chemistry,” CABB Group has developed the following Core Values by focusing on the goal: helping our customers succeed with our fine chemicals services. These values serve as our ambition to align ourselves with them in our daily work. They serve as proof of the benefits we deliver, at each of our sites, for all of our customers.

Safety, Quality, Sustainability, Innovation and Partnership represent our commitment to your success.

If you seek a seamless purchasing experience, a long-term partnership and alignment with your business requirements, then CABB’s team stands ready to serve you. Bring us your challenges and allow us to earn your business.

There is an inherent understanding that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure a safe and secure workplace.

CABB is a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and is Responsible Care® certified, operating according to first principles to assure that all products and services can be used safely and with minimal risk to the environment.

CABB ensures safe and sustainable production at all sites, as evidenced by our commitment to zero accidents, spills and emissions. Identification and mitigation of risks are a pillar of all our safety programs.

Reliable, well-managed assets and processes not only protect our people, our neighborhoods, and the environment, but also safeguard our reputation and the investment of our shareholders.

Customers rely on our ability to deliver top quality as part of their own demanding value chain.

We live up to this responsibility by applying state-of-the art quality management systems and strategic maintenance programs to document our practices. These combine and connect the requirements of relevant ISO standards such as 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), 45001 (occupational safety) and 50001 (energy).

Audits are regularly conducted at all CABB sites by governmental agencies and customers. We welcome these visits as a continued validation of our commitment to quality.

CABB approaches sustainability with a holistic view. All manufacturing processes focus on supply chain integration, resource efficiency and the utilization of circular economy.

Generating continuous growth in a resource-efficient manner, avoiding harmful emissions into the environment, and ensuring safe handling of chemicals along the value chain are at the core of our company’s business responsibility. CABB will continue to reduce our operational footprint and develop and deliver increasing economic, environmental and societal value through innovative processes and solutions.

CABB continuously works to reduce waste by stressing the importance of circular economy across all sites. Advances in raw material and solvent recovery programs ensure that chemicals and materials are deployed in continuous cycles.

CABB considers the impact of climate change in all operations. Carbon neutrality is addressed via proactive adherence to national and international targets.

In the Sustainability section you will find more information on sustainability. We also invite you to read our latest Sustainability Report.

CABB supports customers with a broad offering of Technology platforms and Core Chemistries.

CABB fosters innovation to deliver economic and ecological benefits across the life cycle of all products and services. We apply innovative thinking to process development, yield improvements, and cost saving opportunities. Our ultimate objective is to help our customers elevate their intellectual property with novel ideas from our multi-disciplinary, integrated teams, knowledge base of core competencies and broad array of custom manufacturing assets.

We believe in the value of listening, sharing opinions and ideas, and cooperating to achieve mutual success.

CABB strengthens our relationships with customers by exchanging best practices and initiating joint development programs. We operate transparently to facilitate an open culture across the entire supply chain, offering new levels of service.

If you seek a seamless purchasing experience, a long-term partnership and alignment with your business requirements, then CABB’s team stands ready to serve you with the competence, reliability, and security expected of your own organization.