Kokkola (FI), June 16, 2023 – The CABB Group’s Kokkola-based Finnish subsidiary has been honored with the prestigious “Chemical Industry Safety Award” in the large company category for its special efforts and achievements.

The Chemical Industry Safety Award is presented every other year by various industry associations, along with the Ministry of Education. A selected team from CABB Kokkola accepted the award at a ceremony in Helsinki. One reason cited by the jury for the award was that “CABB launched several local safety initiatives within the last couple years and the company wide behavioral safety program in 2022. At the same time significant investments at Kokkola site has been completed and a lot of new personnel recruited.” Ari Venninen, Managing Director CABB Finland, says: “Winning the Chemical Industry Safety Award is a great success and clearly demonstrates the engagement and passion of all our employees. I am extremely proud of our whole team in Kokkola, each and every employee has played their part on this great achievement. We’ve completed a big milestone on our journey and this will be an additional motivation for everybody.” He sees safety as a part of the Group’s broader efforts in the sustainability domain. “Safety and sustainability go together. After receiving the platinum award for sustainability from EcoVadis last year, this is further evidence that we’re on the right track.”

The CABB site in Kokkola has been a leader in agrochemical production since 1984 and employs more than 250 people. The Group is investing more than EUR 50 million in expanding its facilities at the production site up until 2025, with a special focus on cutting CO2 emissions.

Construction work on the CO2-neutral administration building is progressing apace. It will serve as the new home for central functions such as Health Safety Environment (HSE), Finance, Administration, and the Supply Chain team. Tests on substituting heavy fuel oil by green fuels from various sources in the waste incineration plant have also now been completed, paving the way for further reductions in CO2 emissions over time.

– Press Release: CABB Kokkola earns prestigious industry award in Finland