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Delivering bio-based, naturally-derived, Kosher-certified solutions

Naturally-derived products are favored by consumers, prioritizing the sourcing of more essential starting materials and intermediates. CABB’s expertise in Terpene chemistry provides multiple solutions. Starting with α-pinene – a renewable, essential oil sourced from pine trees – isobornyl acetate, camphene and its derivatives are produced for downstream applications including formulation agents, perfumes, food flavors and homeopathic remedies.

Key technologies for F & F are:

  • Acid=catalyzed rearrangements
  • Chlorination
  • Elimination
  • Grignard chemistry

Our Pratteln site manufactures under Kosher certifications, obtained prior to each client’s campaign.

CABB has extensive expertise in modifying natural products. Have an F&F sourcing or manufacturing challenge? Call on CABB for solutions.

How can we help you?


CABB offers fine chemical custom manufacturing services with a focus on complex, multi-step chemical synthesis.

We welcome customers from any industry requiring high-value starting materials, advanced intermediates and active ingredients.

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Products A-Z

CABB offers a select portfolio of fine chemical starting materials and intermediates for a variety of complex synthesis and formulation projects.

Customers rely upon our quality and exacting specifications for multiple downstream applications.

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CABB offers numerous opportunities for realizing your true potential as a fine chemicals professional.

As a multi-national employer, we promote a workforce with diverse talents and qualifications.

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