Pratteln, December 8, 2022 – The CABB Group works with sustainable, highly efficient production processes and according to the highest safety standards. This is also recognized by the German Chemical Industry Association (“Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.”, VCI).

At the end of November, the most important branch association of the chemical industry in Germany countries organized the meetings of its working groups for technology, environment, safety, chlorine and the professional association for inorganic sulfur compounds on site at the CABB site in Pratteln, Switzerland. Specifically, the topics of production, occupational safety and production safety were dealt with.

The CABB Group has invested more than 100 million Swiss francs in the Pratteln site in recent years in order to comprehensively expand its facilities and further increase safety standards. With the respective meetings of the chlorine working group and the FV sulfur (“Fachvereinigung Schwefel”) at the CABB site in Pratteln (CH), the VCI recognized the high safety standards and the excellent specialist knowledge in the company.

Dr. Peter Fischer, Chairman of the VCI’s Technology, Environment, Safety, Chlorine working group, says: “It’s good that we were able to hold our meetings in person again after a long time, and that on site in a modern facility. This supports the mutual exchange and stimulates valuable discussions, especially in the area of ​​safety and production. We would like to thank the CABB Group very much for making the meeting in Pratteln possible this time.”

Picture: The CABB Group’s own hosts of the VCI working meetings at CABB in Pratteln: SCL operations manager Dominik Homberger (left) and electrolysis operations manager Christine Sutter.

Download the full press release here (PDF, in German):
Medienmitteilung: Hohe Sicherheit und vertieftes Know-How – der Verband Chemischer Industrie bei CABB