Pratteln, 11th January 2021 – As part of its growth strategy, the CABB Group made significant investments in the production systems at its Pratteln site, especially in the last year. These investments benefit the environment and customers.

The CABB Group operates an integrated production system in Pratteln, Switzerland that serves as the basis for sustainable production. A number of base chemicals and intermediate products are manufactured using the primary raw materials chlorine and sulphur trioxide. These products are either processed further or delivered directly to customers. The side streams that occur during this process are separated, purified and reused.

Since 2018, CABB AG in Pratteln has invested more than one hundred million Swiss francs in updating and modernizing its infrastructure. Over the last several months, the infrastructure and energy supply in the electrolysis plant and the related production units have been expanded. In addition, the process control system has been upgraded to state-of-the-art technology. This work is scheduled to be completed at the end of March 2021 and represents an important milestone in the multi-year investment programme. “Building on these important modernizations, further investments are planned so we can grow with our core products over the long term,” says Valerie Diele-Braun, CEO of the CABB Group.

The investments that have been made will lead to overall greater safety, stability and reliability in terms of quality. CABB Pratteln customers will benefit as well. This includes both customers who source base chemicals and intermediate products directly from the plant, and customers for whom CABB Pratteln processes the intermediate products into speciality products by providing exclusive synthesis. CABB will pass a portion of the costs for the upgrade and modernization of its infrastructure on to customers of base chemicals and intermediate products in the form of price increases. In addition, CABB currently faces rising production and logistics costs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of these higher costs will be financed by the CABB Group through its long-term investment programme, which will be continued over the next several years as well.

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