The corona virus is keeping the world in suspense. In addition to minimal social contacts, pronounced hygiene is the most important precaution to avoid new infections. CABB’s high purity monochloroacetic acid (MCA) makes an important contribution to this.

MCA is an indispensable component of betaines, which control the cleaning properties of liquid care products such as hand soaps or washing lotions. CABB is a strategic partner of key global producers of these chemical building blocks.

In addition, CABB produces bleaching soda, which is an important active ingredient in numerous cleaning and care products due to its disinfectant properties. Even in small doses, bleaching soda is effective against coli bacteria and staphylococci and is therefore used, for example, in sanitary gels.

“The Covid 19 crisis can only be solved if people and companies around the world work together and pull together,” says Carsten Wörner, Head of the Acetyls Business Unit at CABB. “With our customer-specific supply chains, we make a contribution to maintaining the supply of important hygiene products.”

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