The CABB Group is currently fitting GPS devices to all of its rail tank cars and tank containers used to transport monochloroacetic acid. Via web-based logistics software, the GPS devices transmit data on the location of transports, send alerts in the event of delays or incidents, and allow detailed analyses of the vehicles’ downtime and repair time. CABB says that the aim of this digitalization is to serve customers even more flexibly and reliably.

Software-aided fleet management

The CABB Group’s Acetyls Business Unit produces high-purity monochloroacetic acid and its co-products and derivatives at two German sites and one Chinese site, from where they are distributed worldwide. For this purpose, CABB leases around 200 tank cars and tank containers on a long-term basis. All of these should be fitted with GPS devices by the end of June.

In addition to this, logistics software for fleet management is being implemented Group-wide. The software links data on current material transports to customer management data and allows strategic planning of maintenance work and statutory inspections.

Focusing on flexible, safe supply

The digitalization project is one in a series of initiatives for greater flexibility, efficiency and safety when dealing with MCA, a hazardous material. Together with specialist vehicle designer Feldbinder, CABB developed tank cars made from titanium (a metal commonly used in high-tech applications) for the transport of molten MCA, which has to be kept at a temperature above 60 degrees Celsius and is highly corrosive.

“We offer our customers integrated all-round solutions – often individually tailored – for supply with high-purity MCA in a variety of forms,” says Carsten Wörner, Head of the Acetyls Business Unit. “Thoroughly digitalizing our supply chains puts us in a position to further increase the flexibility, reliability and safety of our transports.”

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