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Are you an expert in the field of chemistry or industrial processing? Do you want to have a meaningful job in a city where it is easy to find a good work-life balance? If you said yes, you should check out CABB and Kokkola.

At CABB’s production site in Kokkola, you will have meaningful work with amazing colleagues. Read our employees’ stories and hear how they have discovered the blueprint for a better life!

About CABB Group

CABB Group is one of the world’s leading contract manufacturing companies and process developers for active ingredients used in plant protection products, providing tailored products to their customers. CABB also manufactures multi-step, highly pure products for their customers in life sciences and performance material industries.

The group’s production activity is located in six units; Gersthofen and Knapsack (Germany), Pratteln (Switzerland), Kokkola (Finland), Jining (China), and Galena (USA). In the financial year 2022, the group employed around 1200 people, and its turnover was around 755 million euros.

About CABB Kokkola

Plant protection products have been manufactured in CABB’s Kokkola unit since 1984. Today, there are over 250 employees. In 2022, Kokkola introduced eight new chemical reactors and a new packing plant, which considerably increased the unit’s production capacity.

Our corporate culture is characterized by great quality, constructive and solution-oriented mindset, short communication channels and team spirit. We are constantly looking for employees who commit to and support our corporate objectives.


If you are interested to work for CABB Kokkola please send us your spontaneous application:
[email protected]

HSE engineer

The HSE engineers are responsible for tasks related to occupational health and safety and the environment. The duties of an HSE engineer also include providing expert advice and approvals, compiling safety data sheets and reporting. HSE engineers are heavily involved in operational development and projects.

Research chemist

The research chemists work in a wide range of research and development tasks related to organic fine chemistry processes in both the laboratory and the plant. They are responsible for the experimental design of research projects, implementation control and reporting within our expert organization and the international customer interface. The assessment of synthesis routes, chemical risks and the analysis and calculations involved in ensuring process safety are an important part of the research chemist’s job.

Process operator

A process operators’ tasks include line-specific management of the unit processes in their area of responsibility. Process operators are responsible for the functioning of the utility system, among other things. They are also involved in the launch of new products and product changeovers.

Production engineer

The production engineers are responsible for manufacturing of designated products, process development and customer reporting. Their duties also include technical evaluations of new product manufacturing processes and implementation planning at our multi-product plant as part of a team of experts. Production engineers are also responsible for training and instructing production for their own products and participate in investment projects and production start-ups.

Laboratory technician

The laboratory technician’s duties include the analysis of reaction, end product, product substitution and raw material samples required for production. The laboratory technician is involved for example in the maintenance, testing and servicing of laboratory analysis equipment.

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