Safeguarding catalyst IP though secure partnerships

External sourcing of starting materials and intermediates for chemical catalysis has become a cost-effective option for customers active in catalyst manufacturing. Expertise in catalysis is on the cutting edge of chemistry, and with it, high-purity fine chemicals with defined profiles.

Key technologies for catalysis manufacturing include:

  • Friedel-Craft alkylation
  • Oxidative coupl;ing
  • Phosphite ester chemistry
  • Wolff Kishner reduction
  • Short path distillation

Risk management of intellectual property is high for catalyst manufacturers, so choosing a reliable partner to serve as an extension of your own operations is critical. CABB has an impeccable history of IP security and dedication to long-term partnerships in this area.

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CABB offers fine chemical custom manufacturing services with a focus on complex, multi-step chemical synthesis.

We welcome customers from any industry requiring high-value starting materials, advanced intermediates and active ingredients.

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CABB offers a select portfolio of fine chemical starting materials and intermediates for a variety of complex synthesis and formulation projects.

Customers rely upon our quality and exacting specifications for multiple downstream applications.

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CABB offers numerous opportunities for realizing your true potential as a fine chemicals professional.

As a multi-national employer, we promote a workforce with diverse talents and qualifications.

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