The Importance of High Purity in Cosmetic-Grade Glycolic Acid

Alpha hydroxy acids are a group of natural compounds with broad cross-market applicability. They are used as dyeing agents for textiles, flavour additives in the food and beverage sector, intermediates in organic synthesis of polyglycolic copolymers, and so on. But one of the most critical markets for α-hydroxy acids from a growth perspective is the [...]

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CABB Group builds unified organization to accelerate growth

CABB Group builds unified organization to accelerate growth Sulzbach / Pratteln, 17 November 2021 – CABB Group, a globally leading contract development and manufacturing company (CDMO) for crop science and life sciences, today announced a change of its corporate structure. The implementation of the unified organization “One CABB” will help the company to serve its [...]

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What is Thioglycolic Acid

Thioglycolic acid (TGA), also called mercaptoacetic acid, is an organic compound used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications. TGA and its derivatives are used in the production of hair care products, pharmaceuticals, epoxy resins and bisphenol A, and PVC stabilizers. Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA) and the Production of Thioglycolic Acid There are [...]

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How to Support Fine Chemical Trucking and Logistics

Procuring equipment, spare parts, raw materials, and delivering finished goods to the customer - the fine chemical manufacturing industry is dependent on the hard work and dedication of truck drivers, 3.5 million in the U.S. alone. These skilled men and women are vital to ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods critical to the [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider a Career in the Custom Fine Chemicals Industry

Custom fine chemical manufacturing encompasses complex, multi-step synthesis of starting materials, intermediates and active ingredients for a wide variety of clients in many end markets. The scope of jobs within these value chains is practically limitless. The lure of big tech is intoxicating to most graduates and young professionals, so why consider a career in [...]

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Agrochemicals in Organic Food Production…Toward a Sustainable Future

According to the latest data from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), only 1.5% of the global land used for agriculture is allocated to organic farming. However, there has been a 555% increase in organic farmland from 1999 to 2019, and 16 countries have a share of at least 10% of agricultural land being [...]

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Dr. Rajiv Grover Appointed New Sales Head Exclusives & Specialties for the CABB Group

Pratteln, 29.07.2021 – The CABB Group is strengthening its Exclusives & Specialties division with the appointment of Dr. Rajiv Grover, 52, on September 1, 2021. The proven sales expert with international management experience will be responsible for growing the existing key accounts and new customer business in this division. Dr. Rajiv Grover will be [...]

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CABB improves its EcoVadis rating and invests heavily in sustainability

Pratteln, July 19, 2021 – The CABB site in Pratteln (CH) has been awarded an EcoVadis gold medal for the third time in succession. The German sites were recognized with a silver medal. CABB has set itself the goal of operating even more sustainably: it is for this reason that investments in safety will remain [...]

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A Changing Diet: How Shifting Food Demand Influences the Agrochemical Market

Agrochemicals are central components of modern agriculture, providing the means to improve nutrients in soils, combat pests, promote growth and prevent damage from fungi. They are subsequently implemented in all areas of the farming sector, from commercial planting to dairy farming, and at all scales, from subsistence to industrial agriculture. While agrochemicals are critical to [...]

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Fine Chemicals Business Contingency Planning: 5 Things to Consider

The most successful businesses make contingencies for worst-case scenarios. Major supply chain disruptions, from labor shortages through to natural disasters, can dramatically impact production and reduce your capacity to fulfil contractual obligations. This is particularly prevalent in the fine chemicals industry with a supply chain comprised of numerous integral links (manufacturers, sales channel partners, etc.). [...]

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