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Agrochemicals in Organic Food Production…Toward a Sustainable Future

According to the latest data from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), only 1.5% of the global land used for agriculture is allocated to organic farming. However, there has been a 555% increase in organic farmland from 1999 to 2019, and 16 countries have a share of at least 10% of agricultural land being [...]

2023-09-12T21:17:21+00:00July 30, 2021|

CABB improves its EcoVadis rating and invests heavily in sustainability

Pratteln, July 19, 2021 – The CABB site in Pratteln (CH) has been awarded an EcoVadis gold medal for the third time in succession. The German sites were recognized with a silver medal. CABB has set itself the goal of operating even more sustainably: it is for this reason that investments in safety will remain [...]

2023-09-12T21:17:28+00:00July 20, 2021|

A Changing Diet: How Shifting Food Demand Influences the Agrochemical Market

Agrochemicals are central components of modern agriculture, providing the means to improve nutrients in soils, combat pests, promote growth and prevent damage from fungi. They are subsequently implemented in all areas of the farming sector, from commercial planting to dairy farming, and at all scales, from subsistence to industrial agriculture. While agrochemicals are critical to [...]

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Fine Chemicals Business Contingency Planning: 5 Things to Consider

The most successful businesses make contingencies for worst-case scenarios. Major supply chain disruptions, from labor shortages through to natural disasters, can dramatically impact production and reduce your capacity to fulfil contractual obligations. This is particularly prevalent in the fine chemicals industry with a supply chain comprised of numerous integral links (manufacturers, sales channel partners, etc.). [...]

2023-09-12T21:17:41+00:00July 2, 2021|

How the Agrochemicals Sector is Faring During the Last Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Companies across the agrochemicals sector are familiar with market volatility, particularly in the years leading up to the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19. The ability to adapt and thrive in times of change has been demonstrated by this segment throughout the pandemic, now in its last phase. How the agrochemicals landscape looked before COVID-19 In July [...]

2023-09-12T21:17:47+00:00June 18, 2021|

Sustainability in the Fine Chemical Industry: How Hydrogen “Waste” Can Help Support a Greener Future

Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it is an acknowledgment of the responsibility of individuals and organizations to meet the needs of our society in a way that will ensure the long-term health of our planet. There is no single solution to this problem but rather it will take millions of positive choices that bring [...]

2023-09-12T21:17:53+00:00June 4, 2021|

What Role Do Halogenation Reactions Play in Modern Industry?

Addition and substitution are the two main types of halogenation reactions that predominate in modern industry. The former is best characterized by bromination reactions, where bromine reacts with an unsaturated molecule like ethylene. Substitution reactions can be exemplified by the reaction of chlorine with ethane or propane. This article will explore the role that halogenation [...]

2023-09-12T21:17:59+00:00May 21, 2021|

What is Sulfonation’s Role in Modern Industry?

Sulfonation is a valuable chemical reaction used to prepare a wide range of sulfonic acid derivatives and sulfonyl chlorides. There are many sulfonic acids that have the general formula RSO­3H, where R represents an organic substituent such as an alkyl or aryl group. Sulfonic acids are typically made by the reaction of a hydrocarbon with [...]

2023-09-12T21:18:05+00:00May 6, 2021|

CABB: Never stand still – this is how innovation happens

Those who speak of innovation in the chemical sector often refer to the development and optimisation of synthesis processes. The latter also plays an important role for our member CABB. For CABB, innovation above all means to never stand still. Read the full article at SienceIndustries.      

2023-09-12T21:18:11+00:00May 4, 2021|

Earth Day 2021: Fine Chemical Manufacturers Embrace Environmental Stewardship

World Earth Day 2021 is a global event for businesses, corporations, and individuals to demonstrate their support for environmental protection. Now in its 51st year, the intentions behind the event, namely the need for proactive stewardship of our planet, have never been more important. April 22nd marks the ideal time for all industries, including fine [...]

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